Women in Fintech

Women In Fintech


According to Deloitte, FinTechs with women as founders or cofounders, while up 2% in the past ten years, still only comprise 12% of the total startups in the industry.


While financial services (banking) is becoming more global with the speed of technology, there is also the demand and opportunity for very tailored banking services for specialized groups and individuals. This means there are more and more financial institutions looking for specialized FinTechs to help cater to those needs and diversity in leadership and our workforce, which will help us identify those opportunities and solve for this.


AFT is helping balance the scale to promote greater gender equity in the space by providing a forum for Women in FinTech to learn and grow professionally during our Fall Summits. Kathleen Craig, former AFT Board Member and founder and CEO of Plinqit, invites fellow AFT members, of every gender, to join Women in Fintech, a forum designed to uplift and advocate for diversity in FinTech. Together, we can encourage each other and continue driving the industry forward.


Past Women in FinTech event sponsors include:

  • CSI
  • AgentIQ
  • WealthAccess
  • Plinqit


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