2024 Scholarship Application


About the AFT Scholarship

AFT has been awarding college, university, business and technical school scholarships to deserving employees and their sons, daughters, stepchildren, spouses, grandchildren and wards since 1985. The awards are named for James E. Stoner, one of the organization's founders, Allan W. Balch, a two-time President of AFT and James Bannister, former AFT Executive Director. Up to 5 scholarships valued at $2,500 are awarded annually based upon the amount in the Scholarship Fund.

Scholarship Program information and applications are emailed to member companies on/about May 30th of each year. Member companies are then responsible for promoting the program to eligible applicants. Applications and Essay Questions must be electronically submitted to the AFT Executive Office by the due date, July 12. Since each member company is allowed to submit up to two (2) applications, member companies who had more than two (2) applications received will be notified and asked to narrow the applicants down to two (2) final submissions. The AFT Scholarship Committee selects one to five award recipients and checks are mailed to them early September. The winners are announced at the Association’s Annual Meeting.

Applicants are awarded point values for senior year high school class ranking and grade point average for full-time students already attending a college, university or trade school. Additional points are awarded for academic achievements and school-related activities. Finally, applicants are awarded points for their responses to three essay questions.

Some member companies voluntarily add to or match the AFT scholarship award, making the grants worth even more to winners.


Eligibility Requirements

The scholarship awards are available to any employee or a son, daughter, spouse, stepchild, grandchild or ward of an AFT member company employee enrolled as a full-time student at an accredited college, university, business school or information technology related trade school.

Member companies must submit the selected Scholarship Applications and Essay Questions form to the AFT Executive Office by July 12, 2024.Only two (2) applications per member company will be accepted.

No person shall win an AFT scholarship award more than once.


Scholarship Information

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