Brandon Dewitt Technology Keynote

"As a species, we are better when we come together to do things."



Brandon Dewitt Technology Keynote


For several years AFT has featured a Keynote Technology Speaker at each summit. The primary goal for each speaker is to share their unique journey innovating technology in support of the banking industry.

At the Spring Summit in 2021 held in West Palm Beach, FL, the first summit following the pandemic, Brandon DeWitt took center stage and left an indelible mark on our collective hearts. He spoke with humility, passion, humor, and unwavering conviction, centered around the transformative potential of fintech in reshaping access to financial data. DeWitt eloquently emphasized the pivotal role fintech plays in empowering consumers with the financial data necessary for literacy and informed decision-making about their financial goals.  His message resonated as a call to action for us to strive for excellence, work together, and give back. As we all came back together after a year long separation, his words were mobilizing. They were the core reason we come together, we’re better together.  

Little did we know that Brandon DeWitt’s appearance at the Spring Summit in 2021 would be one of his last public moments before his brave battle with terminal cancer brought his journey to an end.

It’s important to honor those who illuminate the path ahead. Brandon’s life journey exemplified this; he served as a beacon for numerous individuals within the realm of financial technology and beyond.

In the spring of 2023 the Brandon DeWitt Technology Keynote was launched as a tribute and honor to his legacy. We’re grateful to Ben Metz, Jack Henry, for being the inaugural Brandon DeWitt Technology Speaker.


Brandon Dewitt Technology Speakers


Ben Metz

2023 Spring Summit

VP and Chief Digital & Technology Officer, Jack Henry

Ben Metz (1)-2

Wes Hummel

2023 Fall Summit

Chief Technology Officer, MX


Rhett Roberts

2024 Spring Summit

CEO & Co-Founder, LoanPro

Roberts, Rhett - Headshot-2-1

Cesar Olea

2024 Spring Summit

Chief Technology Officer, LoanPro

Olea, Cesar - profile-crop-1