Digital Experience Group

Chairperson – Danny Payne – (ProfitStars)
Vice Chair – Steve Nigri – (Moov)
Vice Char Mark Dreux – (Aire)

Steering Committee:
Jordan Wright – (Atomic)
Paula Allred – (Q2)
Nate Gardner – (MX)
Lee Wetherington – (Jack Henry)
Adam Anderson – (Alkami)
Nikhil Lakhanpal – (Narmi)
Matt Dean – (Trabian)
Jared Riley – (CSI)
Tom Lester – (AccessSoftek)

The Digital Experience Group collaborates openly to share knowledge and expertise within AFT. Through a diverse membership and shared success we partner in bringing innovations more quickly to market.  Our mission is to educate, connect, and advocate for AFT members, and companies to more effectively compete in the ever changing and evolving Fintech arena.  Our goal is to ensure AFT member companies continue to thrive in the digital banking market by leveraging this group and our mission.

If you would like to join the DEG, email us at or fill out this short form