Code of Ethical Practices

As a member of the Association for Financial Technology (AFT) we understand and accept our role to foster ethical and professional business practices with our customers, our employees, our fellow members, and to recognize our social responsibility to our customers.

To our customers we pledge to:

Be a strong and consistent source of information technology for financial institutions. Continually provide high levels of customer service.

  • Provide training and support programs that allow our customers to take advantage of new concepts and technologies.

  • Protect the confidentiality of our customer's Information.

  • Keep our products in compliance with regulatory agencies.

  • Charge fair and competitive prices for our products and services.

To our employees we pledge to:

  • Accept responsibility for training to encourage employees to achieve optimum skill and knowledge.

  • Provide an organizational climate to attract and maintain consummate professionals.

  • Recognize individual accomplishment and the synergistic impact of team contributions.

To our fellow members we pledge to:

  • Share knowledge and experiences, recognizing the value of interchange to our industry.

  • Recognize that competition is healthy and commit to business practices which will be highly respected by the financial community.

  • Continually research new means for increasing service levels through exploration of new concepts and techniques.