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President signs ATM signage, CFPB privacy bills


President Barack Obama Thursday afternoon signed a bill (H.R. 4367) into law that revises Regulation E to require that ATM fee disclosures only need to be presented on an ATM's screen. The new law eliminates a duplicative provision that required a physical notice also be posted on the ATM machine, a requirement that has created legal and financial issues for some credit unions and other financial institutions. [Full story]

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Banks, CUs use Twitter ineffectively, says report

One in five credit unions and banks are "Twitter quitters," just going through the motions on tweeting and not really creating a relationship with their member/customers, says a recent report that analyzes consumers and how they follow their bank or credit union on Twitter. [Full story]

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Survive holidays on budget with H&FF Radio

Sunday's H&FF Radio prepares listeners for the holidays with party, charitable giving, and shopping tips. [Full story]


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Case Study: Credit Unions Tie Lower Loan Losses to Financial Counseling

Some of your members may be knee deep in debt, without knowing where to turn. Credit
counseling from GreenPath Debt Solutions can help members pay their debts, resolve housing
issues, and manage money more effectively. With GreenPath’s national call center and
network of branch offices, adding a financial counseling team to your credit union is
within your reach and budget. Financial counseling can make a big difference to your bottom
line, based on the experiences of Coastal Federal Credit Union, Raleigh, N.C., and SECU,
Linthicum, Md.

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MoneyDesktop, CUBUS form partnership

•  MoneyDesktop, CUBUS form partnership


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