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Getting Interactive, an AFT Foundation

Img 5134Providing opinions, suggestions and issues in an environment that includes competitors is uncommon in life, and even more so at industry trade conferences. But somehow at Association for Financial Technology meetings, such as the 2018 AFT Fall Summit at Hilton Head, S.C., the right atmosphere exists to allow participants to be comfortable enough to openly exchange comments and views.

The bedrock of all AFT meetings is this interactivity where all participants leave their corporate colors at the door. This atmosphere permeates every AFT gathering from start to finish, but it’s the sessions specifically set aside to explore pressing issues common to all financial technology companies that always stand out for their energetic and forthright discussions.

Shane Ferrell, vice president, digital strategy at Computer Services, Inc.; Peter Glyman, co-founder of Geezeo; Jeff Harper, director of strategic sales for Velocity Solutions; Cara Hayward, director, CBANC Network, Inc.; and Kara Parkey, strategic alliance manager, Built Technologies; moderated two separate sessions, a general interactive discussion and a business development group.

Key performance indicators, real-time payments, open banking and data sharing, front-end integration, results-only work environments, OCC national bank charters for fintechs, managing portals for forms and documentation, user groups, adoption of new products and services, SEM success, motivating reseller teams, quota requirements on third party sales, educating a market, partner incentives, new marketing approaches, leveraging social media success, and managing channel conflict were among the timely topics discussed this time around.

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