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Geezeo’s Responsive Tiles Gain Widespread Acceptance

Braintree, MA, (June 12, 2018) - Geezeo, an established fintech leader in data-driven solutions for financial institutions, launched Responsive Tiles, a game-changing product that merges the streamlined efficiency of online banking with the value of leading-edge Personal Financial Management tools. These powerful tools help innovative banks, credit unions, and technology partners gain a better understanding of their customers’ needs, and allow customers to get more value from the intuitive design of the tiles.

Geezeo’s Responsive Tiles were launched on a limited basis at the beginning of 2018 to empower financial institutions to deliver more robust, consumer-centric online and mobile banking experiences via personal financial management (PFM) features. Now Responsive Tiles are rolling out to all Geezeo clients, with nearly 100 more of Geezeo partner FIs launching Responsive Tiles before the end of 2018. Now any Geezeo client is able to launch Responsive Tiles as soon as they complete product implementation.

“Ultimately we want our clients to stand out and help make their digital banking experience enriched, unique and representative of their mission and brand. A Responsive Tile strategy is likely the best model for most our clients to see this concept come to fruition,” said Geezeo CEO Shawn Ward. “There is no doubt that with the availability of our custom APIs and Responsive Tiles, Geezeo offers the best solutions for creating the best digital banking experience.”

Geezeo developed Responsive Tiles with a vision of enabling banks and credit unions to provide the right financial tools at the right time to retail and business customers while gathering and leveraging financial behavioral data to build stronger, deeper relationships.

“Tiles give financial institutions and their vendors/partners a new way to create a fully blended digital banking experience by weaving core PFM features and content into existing online and mobile platforms,” says Ward. “The majority of Geezeo partners have already begun leveraging the new Geezeo Tile approach, as they look to build stronger online banking products and experiences.”

Geezeo Responsive Tiles support all display types and can be integrated into a current online and native mobile banking experience without compromising site performance or user interface design. The most popular Tiles include: Account Aggregation, Spending Analysis, Net Worth Analyzer, Spending Targets, Budgets, Savings Goals and Cash Flow Projections. Tiles can be easily modified to support default colors and sizes set by the financial institution. Completely custom Responsive Tiles are also available.

About Geezeo

Geezeo is a financial technology (Fintech) firm that delivers enriched digital banking experiences via its white label digital financial management solutions. By processing, augmenting and storing billions of transactions, Geezeo plays a significant role as a critical data partner. Purposely integrated within a financial institution’s online banking and mobile platforms, financial institutions benefit from Geezeo’s relevant insights that enhance the overall user experience. More information can be found at

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