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BSG Financial Group Webinar to Offer Community Financial Institutions Strategies to Maintain and Grow Retail Time Deposits Session to Provide Leading Industry Practices and Reveal New Opportunities fo

LOUISVILLE, KY (December 6, 2017)– BSG Financial Group, a leading provider of revenue-enhancement programs and compliance solutions for financial institutions nationwide, will present a webinar on Tuesday, December 12 at 11 a.m. EST entitled, "Strategies to Grow Retail Time Deposits." The free webinar—which is part of an ongoing educational series that the company provides for its clients and potential customers—will offer community financial institutions tactics they can utilize to grow and maintain retail time deposits (CDs) in a rising rate environment. BSG Financial Group is hosting this webinar to coincide with the Federal Reserve’s next meeting on December 13, after which interest rates are expected to rise. The webinar will help financial institutions analyze their current CD portfolio to strengthen pricing; present ways to grow CD volumes, including capitalizing on competitor vulnerabilities; and introduce innovative CD products available on the market today that help manage the portfolio. “In today’s changing rate environment depositors are looking for the best partner to help them take advantage of the financial opportunity,” said Jeffrey Harper, president of BSG Financial Group. “The community institutions that can do so through flexible choices, competitive pricing and informed frontline staff will be the ones that come out on top. This webinar will help them do just that,” he said.   In the 60-minute session, speaker Neil Stanley, CEO & Founder of The CorePoint, will share:

  • Practical ways to strengthen your CD pricing strategy o Learn ways to analyze your current time deposit portfolio based on refined definitions of volumes, yield, spread, term, auto-renewed to newly booked ratios o Leading practices for price calibration o Timing and defining promotional rates o Smoothing to FHLB o Customized CDs o Limited Edition Savings o Ongoing monitoring and analytics
  • New opportunities to grow CD volumes o Competitor vulnerabilities o Training and execution o Promotion (external and internal)
  • Innovative CD products on the market o Operational considerations Who: BSG Financial Group in conjunction with The CorePoint Presenter: Neil Stanley When: Tuesday, December 12 at 11 am EST Registration: Who Should Attend: Chief Executive Officers; Chief Financial Officers; Chief Retail Officers; Chief Marketing Officers

About BSG Financial Group

Louisville, Ky.-based BSG Financial Group is a group of independently organized companies that provides revenue-enhancement and compliance solutions for financial institutions nationwide. BSG Financial Group has been a provider of innovative overdraft programs since 1999, including the industry's first cloud-based overdraft management solution, Courtesy Connect®/Courtesy Limit™. The company's additional revenue-enhancing solutions include: Fee-Based, Packaged Checking Accounts; MinuteLender® and Business MinuteLender® Digital Lending Technology; Vendor Management; Account Acquisition Strategies; Social Media Management; and CD Sales Strategies. BSG Financial Group includes the following companies: CourtesyCloud Management Solutions, LLC; BSG Financial, LLC; and IQ Development, LLC. For more information about the company, visit    

About The CorePoint 

The CorePoint was launched in 2010 – built by bankers for bankers – and is located out of Omaha, NE. The CorePoint offers a combined approach through strategic and patented processes, frontline training, and a unique technology platform. The company now serves financial institutions across the country and is invited to present at local and national conventions as the expert in CD management and sales. For more information about the company, visit

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