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MinuteLender Software Now Allows Financial Institutions to Offer Digital Loans to Non-Customers

Enhancement helps financial institutions compete with non-bank lenders and acquire new loan and deposit customers.

LOUISVILLE, KY (November 7, 2017) – BSG Financial Group, a provider of revenue-enhancement programs and compliance solutions for financial institutions nationwide, announced today that its MinuteLender® digital lending solution—which the company markets on behalf of R.C. Giltner Services, Inc.—has expanded the software’s capabilities to allow financial institutions to now offer digital loans to non-customers, in addition to existing customers. The expansion of the software’s capabilities in this way helps community banks acquire new loan and deposit customers, while remaining competitive in the digital, mobile and online lending marketplace. R.C. Giltner Services, Inc. the developer of MinuteLender technology, partnered with DecisionLogic, an advanced bank verification system, to add real-time checking deposit analysis and account verification to its consumer and small business digital lending platforms. Prior to adding these capabilities, banks using MinuteLender technology were limited to offering digital loans exclusively to existing customers, as the institution can readily access checking account activity and deposit data for underwriting purposes. With the addition DecisionLogic’s capabilities—which aggregates account activity from any financial institution, including the primary consumer and small business checking accounts and related relationships for businesses—banks are able to market MinuteLender digital loans to non-customers, who are required to open a new checking account at the institution as part of the new loan terms. MinuteLender technology is unique in the industry in that it makes a loan offer in 30 seconds and consummates a loan with e-sign in five minutes. It does so under the financial institution’s brand and loan underwriting parameters backed by its own proven compliance. The bank is also able to keep the loans on its balance sheet. While the tool is customized to match processes and parameters set by the financial institution, the scope of the program can be set to fit market opportunities that vary by financial institution. In addition to offering the convenience of obtaining a loan via a mobile device, the technology automates the entire lending process to deliver loans at a significantly reduced cost. About R.C. Giltner R.C. Giltner provides digital lending technology to financial institutions and is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. For more information, please contact Robert C. Giltner at 502-640-1989 or About DecisionLogic DecisionLogic is an advanced bank verification system for enabling lenders to instantly verify a potential borrower’s banking information online and in real-time. About BSG Financial Group  Louisville, Ky.-based BSG Financial Group is a group of independently organized companies that provides revenue-enhancement and compliance solutions for financial institutions nationwide. BSG Financial Group has been a provider of innovative overdraft programs since 1999, including the industry's first cloud-based overdraft management solution, Courtesy Connect®/Courtesy Limit™.   The company's additional revenue-enhancing solutions include: Fee-Based, Packaged Checking Accounts; MinuteLender® and Business MinuteLender® Digital Lending Technology; Vendor Management; Account Acquisition Strategies; Social Media Management; and CD Sales Strategies.   BSG Financial Group includes the following companies: CourtesyCloud Management Solutions, LLC; BSG Financial, LLC; and IQ Development, LLC. For more information about the company, visit

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